Bitlink is a famous trading platform in cryptocurrency. It was founded in Singapore, in April 2023. The platform has been a hit around the world. With licences from MAS and MSB, Bitlink is not only a trading platform, it’s an emblem of innovation and trust.

Trading on Bitlink Exchange depositing funds:

Begin the process of depositing money by registering with Bitlink Exchange:

  • Sign in to Bitlink.
  • Click on “Account” within the Bitlink user interface.
  • Select”I’m an account” to access the Instant Account option.
  • Choose “Deposit” from the available choices.

The Bitlink wallet will be listed on this page. Bitlink wallet on this page. Your account balance at this moment is zero. For trading to start it is necessary to transfer money into the account. Choose USDT which is the most popular stablecoin used for cryptocurrency transactions. Pick either the BSC BEP-20 or TRC-20 networks to reduce transaction fees as well as faster processing.

When you’ve picked the appropriate system and the currency, the system will display the unique USDT deposit address to you. It’s essential to correctly copy this address, ensuring you don’t make any mistakes. Transfer the USDT amount you want to deposit from your crypto money account (e.g. TrustWallet, MetaMask), or platforms for exchange (e.g. Remitano), into the USDT address you copied.

Buying and selling cryptocurrency on Bitlink:

Once you have successfully transferred USDT into your Bitlink trading account you will be able to buy your preferred cryptocurrency using these instructions:

  • Select”Trading View” or “Trading View” option to get a simple trading interface.
  • Select the desired trading pair, e.g., BTC/USDT and then navigate through the options available.
  • The left-hand side on the Bitlink trading interface gives traders order options. Below are detailed explanations of different types of orders.
  • Limit order: You may set a price for buying or selling prior to. This order executes whenever the price is at or surpasses the set price and allows you to manage the cost of transaction.
  • Market Order: Buy or sell cryptos immediately at the present market value. This ensures quick execution but does not have control over the cost of transaction.
  • Stop Order: an automatic order placed when the market price reaches the activated price. It can be comprised of a market or limit order or an order to stop price. Once the price is at the price of activation, the order will be placed and then executed.

Pick the right type of trade based on the results you’re trying to accomplish and the strategy you are using to trade. Market orders are quick to complete, whereas stop orders automatize trades according to current market conditions.

Exemple: Placing a Order for USDT/BNB:

  • Select Order Type: Choose the Buy Order. (Buy order prices are generally set lower than current prices on the market).
  • Choose the price and quantity. Set $207 as the price and specify the quantity in BNB that you wish to purchase (considering the total value, or 100%).
  • Review Order: Prior to accepting your purchase, make sure you review the information on your purchase for accuracy.
  • Verify the order and confirm the order and confirm. When your purchase is accepted it will be processed in the order system.

It is possible to view all the successful completed orders under the “Instant Order” section.

Withdrawing funds from Bitlink —

Make your own USDT TRC-20 or BEP-20 BTK private sale wallet before withdrawing money through Bitlink.

(Note This is because the last section concerning withdrawing funds via Bitlink is unclear. If you require information about this issue, you can give additional information or answer specific queries.)