I am 21 years old. I’m sincere in acting, but I secretly classify myself as bi. I had sex with lots of women, had a long-lasting relationship with a few girls, and made some gay connections when I felt bold enough. This particular night, I was hanging around my apartment, a little excited and fed up with internet porn, so I went to an adult bookstore in downtown to see what’s going on, porn I wanted to see. So I hopped into the car and went there 20 minutes by car and found a parking lot.

Once inside, it was a pretty busy night. I looked around some of the videos and sex toys for sale. I was so excited to see something like this, and I asked some people to check it. At this point, I wanted to go to one of my private booths and watch a little porn.

I happened to find an open booth with a seat with a gloryhole in the wall, and the door closed. I put in a few bucks and, given that mood, I decided to check gay porn. When the video of two college students starting to suck each other’s cock started, I started playing with mine. Stroking an 8-inch hard cock, I saw the video as they came down, and the guys began anal sex, so I heard the noise in the next booth. I saw a finger sticking around the gloryhole. I leaned out, reached the peak, and pierced my finger through the gloryhole. To my surprise, as I leaned forward, the guy at the next booth pierced the upright cock from the gloryhole. It was a nice-looking dick. It was similar to mine, about 7.5 inches white, with no hair around the base. I picked it up and started stirring him up.

I watched the video for a moment and saw a guy fucking a dogfish style, and it put me in a mood. Then I leaned out at that point and put a stranger’s cock in my mouth. When I swallowed this bulging cock deep into my throat, I knelt. I knew I was hungry for my penis because my head sucked this man’s flesh and swayed back and forth. The room was full of gay porn behind me, the guy’s breathing across the wall, and the squeaking noise of this guy’s cock. I was excited because the guy’s thoughts, which everyone thought was straight, were randomly blowing his cock on his knees. What do you think of your friends if you saw my big throat on my lap taking me deep into my throat and twitching? I licked his shaft up and down, went back and forth, jerked off his flesh against my throat for a few minutes, and suddenly he exploded with a climax rush. Much of it went straight to my mouth, then I pulled back and pulled him with my mouth open, catching the rest. When he finished cumming, he slipped out of the gloryhole in the wall, I finished twitching myself and made a gloryhole swallow in the wall around the wall. Then I zipped up and wiped the rest of the semen off my face and decided to go out.

After leaving the store, when I heard someone whistle, I was walking through the parking lot to the car. I saw a black guy who looked beautiful and was nicely cut.

“Well, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“Not so much, I just go out,” I said.

“Are you looking for fun here?” Then he asked me.

“Yeah…and I had a good time,” I answered his question and wondered what he was interested in.

“I’m a man too, do you want to hurry?” he suggested.

“Of course,” I said I would approach him. We stood against the SUV. Then he thawed and pulled out his lovely dick. At least 8 inches. He was already in trouble as he knelt beside the parking deck and put him in my mouth. I thawed my pants, took out my dick and played for myself as he started grabbing the back of my head and throating me. I sucked as hard as he pushed his hard cock deep into my throat. I was drooling all over him, and he forced my mouth. Then, without warning, when I turned her luggage deep inside my mouth, my mouth was full of juice. I swallowed it a lot, but some had penetrated my face from the corner of my mouth as he was still holding my head deeply around the shaft. A few seconds later he released, I pulled apart and gave his head some licks to clean him.

Then he helped me to my feet, pushing me to the back of the car when he knelt and started sucking on me. I worshipped my cock, which I was throbbing because I was playing all the time, so I leaned on it with bliss. Within minutes I unleashed the second load of the night and headed for his waiting mouth. He sucked me hard because he swallowed my sperm, and I could barely stand at that time because I leaned forward to the bumper of his car.

He stood up and smiled, so we zipped up and said goodbye. I kept walking towards the car and overtook some on the way. Some people seemed to be looking at me, but at that time, I didn’t care because I was in my world. I got in the car, glanced in the mirror, and noticed that he was still showing his face. “Wow!” I said to myself, whipping and smiling.